My name is Chidalu Utojiuba, and I am going to be the person behind the screen as it pertains to this blog. This blog is aptly called Crazy Faith because there’s no other way to truly describe the birth and successes of JFF. Before now, I had never thought of ever owning a blog….until now. In my defense, Jesus asked me to. Trying my hardest to live a life of obedience to Christ is my heart’s desire, so here I am being a blogger. Obedience stretches my faith, beliefs and values. I love it, but I have to admit, I get intimidated by the requests sometimes. This foundation is an example of one that has intimidated me. When God asked that I start a non-profit foundation that would be his arm of friendship towards anyone especially those that feel alone, dejected and stigmatized, I was in shock. I had a list of things that disqualified me running through my mind. Real reasons like – I barely had any money, I didn’t know how to even start up a foundation. 

I have been blessed with an incredible sister and friends. They jumped on board and although we didn’t really understand the depth of what we signed up for, God’s grace has been sufficient. In areas where I am weak, they are strong and although we are all still figuring out the intricacies of working on a foundation such as ours, we give our best effort. We are amazing young professionals who strive and work their hardest to see God’s vision for JFF become a reality. 

Jonathan Friendship Foundation seeks to go only where the Lord sends us. We literally have no idea how we are going to achieve the things God has already put on our hearts but we are people who trust God blindly. The instruction given to me in regards to this blog is to document all the hurdles we go through before every outreach and event. Not to gloat in our suffering but to give glory to God. To document how God has his hands over everything that concerns JFF. 

I don’t know what the future holds. But I know it’s going to be amazing. To my incredible team, you are amazing, and I cant believe all we have achieved together. To our best friend and chief strategist, Jesus, let’s set the world on fire. For your name. For your kingdom. For your glory. 

Forever trusting blindly, 

Chidalu Utojiuba

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